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19 September 2019
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"This document is prepared and owned by HR Solutions and is offered to credit unions, free of charge, by arrangement with ABCUL. 12/3/2009"


Dumbarton Credit Union Volunteers Charter for Performance and Conduct

‘This charter seeks to provide guidance and direction to volunteers of this credit union. The charter demonstrates that this credit union recognises its obligations to its volunteers. At the same time it also highlights what the credit union requires from its volunteers in order to ensure all of its regulatory requirements are met’.

  • Volunteers are an essential, unique and invaluable part of running this credit union effectively, complementing and supporting the work of employed staff.
  • With the increasing levels of governance and regulatory requirements around what credit unions deliver, it is critical that this credit union finds a balance between meeting those standards at all times, whilst preserving the very essence of what defines us and makes us different from other financial service providers.
  • As our work becomes increasingly bound by rules and regulations we want people volunteering with us to do so within a positive and supportive environment.
  • In adopting this charter the credit union’s purpose is to encourage best practice in volunteer management, seeking always to develop the quality of volunteering opportunities.

The Credit Union does not seek to establish any form of legal contract with individuals, as volunteering is binding in honour only, the relationship is not intended to be legally binding.

Key Principles of Volunteering

  • Credit union volunteers are people who, of their own free will, contribute their time, energy and skills to benefit the delivery of our service.
  • Credit union volunteering is unpaid and there is no payment or expectation of payment. This is readily distinguishable from reimbursement of expenses which ensures that volunteers are not out of pocket as a consequence of their volunteering.
  • Credit union volunteers are a key group of individuals within this credit union and should be consulted on decisions affecting the credit union or any changes that may affect the voluntary work they undertake.

The Commitment:

We (the Credit Union) commit to:

  • Ensuring that all volunteers are properly integrated into the credit union structure and that staff, at all levels, work positively with volunteers, actively seeking to involve them in the work of the credit union.
  • Providing each volunteer with the name of a contact point who will look after their interests, provide support and supervision on a regular basis.
  • Assuring that any information shared with the credit union is kept confidential.
  • Assisting volunteers in carrying out their roles by providing induction, training, skills development, information and support necessary to the role being undertaken.
  • Giving the same protection under health & safety regulations and public liability as paid employees.
  • Recognising and valuing volunteers’ contribution.
  • Providing adequate insurance cover for volunteers whilst undertaking duties approved and authorised by the credit union.
  • Endeavouring to resolve any problems, grievances and difficulties which may be encountered while volunteering and provide an opportunity to discuss the issues in an appropriate manner.
  • Including volunteers at relevant meetings and social functions • Consulting on matters directly or indirectly affecting voluntary work • Ensuring volunteers are not out of pocket, in respect of expenses incurred performing voluntary tasks for the Credit Union.
  • Issuing written descriptions of the tasks that make up voluntary work.
  • Trusting volunteers with confidential information that is necessary in the course of voluntary work.

Volunteers are asked to:

  • Observe the policies, procedures and rules of the credit union as they apply to the activity for which they volunteer.
  • Familiarise themselves with the policies and procedures, especially those relating to Health and Safety, Confidentiality, Data Protection, Compliance and Money Laundering.
  • Be willing to undertake appropriate training with respect to Health & Safety issues, compliance regulations and general good practice that will improve performance in respect of the voluntary work undertaken.
  • Show respect for fellow credit union volunteers, employees, members and customers.
  • Respect and uphold the confidentiality of all information relating to the Credit Union, its members, employees and customers, during and after cessation of voluntary work.
  • Return immediately on request any document materials or other property which are held on behalf of the credit union
  • Be reliable and punctual and honour any commitment made to the best of ability, such as notifying in good time the relevant member of staff if you are unable to volunteer on a particular day (such as holidays), or if you are going to be delayed.
  • Carry out your voluntary work as outlined in the agreed description or written guidelines and be prepared to be flexible in order that your voluntary support moves with a growing and changing credit union
  • Contribute to the work of the credit union by attending meetings as necessary
  • If possible, to give two weeks advice of their intention to cease volunteering with the credit union.
  • Recognise the right of the credit union to expect quality of service from all its volunteers
  • Recognise that they represent the credit union and therefore act in an appropriate manner at all times and avoid any word or deed that will bring the credit union into disrepute

Please remember that if the credit union, or the volunteer, fail to follow this charter it may damage the credit union and its work.

The credit union is committed to the principle of equality of opportunity and aims to ensure that all present and potential participants, members, instructors, coaches, competitors, officials, volunteers and employees are treated fairly and on an equal basis, irrespective of their gender, age, disability, ethnic origin, colour, religion or belief, social status or sexual orientation.

The parties commit themselves to use and apply this Charter in the spirit of mutual respect and goodwill and to work together in that spirit, as well as the wording of this Volunteer Charter.

This is an enduring agreement to which all parties will be committed.

The Charter shall be reviewed as required by agreement of the parties.


Updated: 06 March 2010