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19 September 2019
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"Training and Allowance for Volunteers"


Dumbarton Credit Union Ltd Volunteer Expenses and Training Policy

Dumbarton Credit Union Ltd recognises the contribution of all its volunteers, without whom its services would not be possible.  The Credit Union will encourage members to volunteer, and will provide training and expenses to make volunteering possible for all.  

1. Volunteering opportunities

All unpaid work is open to volunteers aged 16 years and over.  New volunteers will be invited to identify their area of interest.  If they have no preference, they will be invited to become tellers.  Volunteers will be encouraged to review their roles on a regular basis and develop their skills. 

2. Training

Initial training will generally be provided in-house by existing members.  Volunteers will be offered the opportunity to undertake further training as part of the wider Credit Union movement.

3. Travel and subsistence allowances

All volunteers will be encouraged to claim expenses to and from the Credit Union, for training sessions outwith the common bond, and for any other business meetings attended on behalf of the Credit Union.

The following expenses will be paid for training or volunteer sessions: 

  • The cost of travelling by public transport to and from the Credit Union
  • The cost of taxi fares to and from the Credit Union in inclement weather
  • The cost of taxi fares home after late session during winter
  • Car mileage allowance of 35 pence pre mile for travel to and from the Credit Union
  • Public transport rate for volunteers who use their car to travel on business for the Credit Union outwith the common bond
  • Out of pocket expenses for training
  • Stationery will be provided for further education or training programmes related to Credit Union studies
  • Lunch allowance of 3 and evening meal allowance of 5 where volunteers are required to eat away from home as a consequence of volunteering activity.

4. Claiming expenses

Claim forms for expenses are located at the Treasury Desk and should be return to the Treasury Team for payment.  Claims should be submitted on a monthly basis within three months of incurring the costs.



Approved by the Board of Directors on the 8th May 2012.




Updated: 18 July 2013